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Contract Vehicle Options

iSoft Solutions, LLC (iSoft) is a WOSB minority woman-owned small business firm with a GSA MAS Schedule.

In 2016, iSoft graduated successfully from the SBA’s 8(a) program and has intimate knowledge and understanding of working within the parameters of 8(a) contracting.

iSoft partners with:

  • Seneca, an Alaskan-Native 8(a) firm

  • a WOSB firm utilizing the ITES-3S contract

  • a second partner on the ITES-3H contract

Our partners offer the DLA Tailored Logistics Support contract, which allows for streamlined purchasing through the MIPR process.

iSoft Solutions will work with your contracting team to help select the best vehicle for you.

  • Purchase Orders - Standard Form 1449

  • IDIQ/Task Order Contracts

  • WOSB Sole Source Contract

  • iSoft GSA Schedule - GS-03F-037BA - Room Solutions

  • Teaming Agreements (Partners on GWACs such as CHESS, SEWP, etc)

  • Blanket Purchase Orders (BPA’s)

  • Credit Card

  • Simplified Contracting using the SBA WOSB Program


What is the Small Business Administration (SBA) WOSB Program?

The WOSB Federal Contract Program was implemented in February 2011 with the goal of expanding the number of industries where WOSB were able to compete for business with the federal government. This program allows set-asides for WOSBs in industries where women-owned small businesses are substantially underrepresented.

With projects up to $4 million, the WOSB Program allows for directed contracting without a lengthy competitive process. This allows a project to begin in a timely manner. In speeding up the process, time sensitive projects can get started in days instead of months. This program also assists federal agencies in meeting their 5% WOSB contracting goals.

Why Use a WOSB Contract Vehicle?

Choosing iSoft Solutions allows your organization to work directly with a company that is both experienced and efficient in consulting to develop and implement business, technology and engineering initiatives.

The benefits of using an WOSB contract vehicle include:

  • Significantly faster procurement process – start the project in days instead of months

  • Lower overhead costs - working with smaller businesses

  • Streamlined approach to the project - due to reduction in bureaucracy

  • Ability to procure both goods and services

  • Assistance in meeting SBA mandated 5% WOSB contracting goal

Using a WOSB Contract – FAR 19.15

Following are the steps to use the SBA WOSB Program to work with iSoft Solutions, per FAR19.1506 Women-Owned Small Business Program sole source awards:

  1. Verify company’s WOSB status:

    1. Certify that the company has submitted all required documentation: - or -

    2. Request SBA certification letter from WOSB company

  2. Verify the NAICS code is eligible for the WOSB program:

    1. WOSB eligible codes:

  3. Contracting Officer has an expectation that at least two WOSB companies will respond.* If only one WOSB can perform the work, the contract can be awarded as a sole source (FAR 19.1506(a)(2))

  4. Verify that the contract value will not exceed $6.5 million for manufacturing contracts, or $4 million for all other contracts

  5. Verify that the award will be made at a fair and reasonable price


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