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Unified Communications

Simplified Communications

What is unified communications and collaboration (UCC)?


In modern government departments and agencies, there are a variety of ways that people work and communicate. Whether through voice communication, instant messaging, video chat or more, it is important to be able to integrate these various communication methods into a user experience that is simple and effective. This is unified communications.                                                           

We offer a wide range of government solutions in UCC. Our solutions are Custom tailored to match the security requirements and desires of your agency.    


Working with a variety of cloud communication partners, we can work along side your procurement team to recommend a solution that meets your requirements now and far into the future.

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Unify your phone, chat, meetings, and video, with one platform

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iSoft Offers a Full Range of UCC Applications, Rooms, and Devices

Enterprise Cloud Phone System

While an on-premises telephone system is still an option for your agency, many organizations choose a cloud-based system. These voice systems offer call routing, automated greetings, voicemail, conference calling, call recording, and many other features you are familiar with on a traditional phone system. iSoft Hosted Cloud systems are FedRAMP authorized for the federal government, implemented on your data network and typically do not require equipment installed onsite, other than the physical phones. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the right system for your agency and iSoft has the knowledge and experience needed to help your organization make the best choices.

Room Systems

UCC Solutions deliver HD video collaboration into any space - in the conference room, in the training room, or any virtual environment - and enable in-person and remote participants to interact in real time. Simple to start a meeting, book a room, and share content, UCC Meeting Rooms are the conference room experience you’ve always wanted.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex are just a few Cloud options available in this space.


We work closely with many leading partners like Poly, Crestron, and Cisco that bring high-quality video conferencing to every type of meeting space.

Meeting room or Personal devices

  • Cameras

  • Audio reinforcement

  • Speakerphones and headsets

  • Control systems for in-room management

Software/Cloud Hybrid Solutions

Microsoft Teams

Zoom Rooms

Cisco Webex

Crestron Native Solutions (Flex, etc.)

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Schedule a call with an iSoft representative. We'll learn about your project, answer your questions, tell you about the latest available tech, explain our process, and show you the best ways to get started.

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