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Enhancing the Decision Innovation Studio at US Army War College

In the digital age, effective content often hinges on the quality of its production. Recognizing this, the US Army War College embarked on a project to elevate its Decision Innovation Studio (DIS) to a new level of functionality and capability. The U.S. Army War College sought to enhance the studio's equipment and capabilities to facilitate professional-level media production quality, rivaling that of a professional TV studio.

The Vision: Enhanced Capabilities

The DIS project involved not only relocating existing equipment but also integrating major enhancements to augment its total component capabilities. The cornerstone of this endeavor was the transformation of a once simple One-Button Studio into a multifaceted space conducive to team collaboration and creation of high-quality content.

US Army War College DIS
U.S. Army War College DIS

The refurbished DIS now boasts the ability to fully darken the room with automatic dropdown shades, providing optimal conditions for various recording scenarios. A key feature is the expansive blue-screen setup that envelops the room, allowing for versatile usage. Whether for individual presentations or group discussions, participants can seamlessly utilize the space, either standing or seated, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment.

Ceiling-mounted lights, adjustable and versatile, ensure optimal lighting for every recording scenario, whether focusing on a single presenter or a group discussion. The integration of three controllable PTZ cameras enables multiple camera shots to be seamlessly incorporated into recordings, with easy control via software interfaces. This setup allows for professional-level production quality, rivaling that of a professional TV studio.

The enhanced recording suite simplifies the production process, with automatic recording capabilities directly into various cloud hosting environments. Whether AWS, OneDrive, Panopto, or Kaltura, the finished product can be seamlessly stored and shared, ensuring accessibility and flexibility. Additionally, individual camera feeds can be recorded independently, facilitating post-production fine-tuning for optimal results.

And finally, multiple directional boom microphones are strategically placed throughout the studio to capture crisp and clear audio, while seamlessly integrating with the video production hardware. This ensures that every participant's voice is captured with precision, further enhancing the overall production quality.

US Army War College DIS
U.S. Army War College DIS

The Result: Professional-Grade Productions

The revitalized Decision Innovation Studio at the US Army War College stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design, the studio now offers a state-of-the-art platform for decision-makers to engage in impactful discussions and produce high-quality content.

Empowering decision-makers with the tools and resources they need is paramount. The transformation of the Decision Innovation Studio underscores the U.S. Army War College's commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in producing valuable content. As technology continues to evolve, the studio stands ready to adapt and facilitate the critical conversations that shape our future.


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