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iSoft Solutions Attends Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Naval Station Norfolk’s MOC

iSoft Attends Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, for the new Maintenance Operation Center (MOC) at Naval Station Norfolk on June 6, 2022. The concept of the MOC began in 2018 as an initiative to have a facility that could create an actively successful way to maintain naval aircraft readiness. The new facility empowers Navy staff to manage aircraft maintenance and operational readiness more effectively, so they are ready to fly wherever and whenever the Navy needs.

This state-of-the-art system creates a central collaboration point between various aircraft type support “cells” using large screen displays, two-way voice communications between cells, video conferencing and Teams to allow real time information sharing to support decisions to expedite critical parts or technical assistance to aircraft operators and maintenance staff deployed around the world.

The result has been a data driven environment that is driving down maintenance costs and increasing mission capable rates across naval aviation. The goal was to fundamentally change how aviation maintenance is performed in the Navy through use of large format displays, video and audio processing, data management, collaboration tools and workflow ergonomics and the MOC embodies all the goals set forth in the initial initiative.

Disclaimer: "The Department of Defense [nor a respective Military Service or any other DOD Component] does not approve, endorse, or authorize this company, its products or services."


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